The Critical Babe: Someone’s Got To Say It.

About Me

The Critical Babe is a 22 year old recent anthropology graduate with a big passion for all things beauty! Some of my hobbies include photography, cooking, gardening, and digital retouching. I’ve been into beauty for as long as I can remember and besides photography, it’s one of the only forms of art I feel confident doing. The Critical Babe is a means for me to share all of my passions with you!

Why Anonymity?

I chose to keep my identity anonymous for a variety of reasons, the main one being that the focus of this blog isn’t me, it’s you, my readers. I also have a job outside of blogging and I simply prefer for those two roles to not overlap at all. Plus, a little mystery is kind of fun, right?

Blog Themes

As you may have guessed from the name of my blog, I can be a bit critical. Beauty is an expensive hobby, so why not get your reviews from someone with a habit of evaluating every little aspect of a product? Get your money’s worth. The Market is flooded and it can be really difficult to figure out what is worth it. I’m here to provide honest and analytical reviews for you all.

My two main loves are skincare and makeup, but I sprinkle a bit of hair and body products in from time to time. I’m working on expanding my food, fashion, and art sections over time. I currently don’t feel like I have the tools to make that content to the standards I would like.

The Mantra

Being a beauty addict doesn’t have to break the bank, it doesn’t have to overwhelm you with stuff, it doesn’t have to pressure you to have the latest “thing”. Approaching beauty and life with an artistic and individualistic attitude can turn an industry that thrives on women’s (and men’s) insecurities and consumerist habits into a beautiful and fulfilling experience.


I’m always going to keep it real with you all about affiliate links, PR gifts, or sponsored content (there isn’t any as of now). I would rather have readers who trust me than a ton of sponsorships. I will always be honest in my reviews and if that gets me taken off a PR list…oh well! I’ve been buying my own beauty products my whole life, I’m fine with that.

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Be Honest With Me Too

The Critical Babe is and will always be receptive to criticism. This is a space where people can and should be totally honest, and in return that is what I will provide to my readers. You are encouraged to post your own opinions, however opinions based in ignorance, hatred, or bigotry will be deleted because, frankly, it’s my right to shut that shit down on my site.

Stay Tuned In

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