Assorted Favorites of 2017

Perfume Favorites

One thing that you might know if you follow me on Instagram, is that I am obsessed with perfumes. There’s a part of me that would love to have a signature scent, but I love fragrances too much to ever pick one. Instead I’ve settled on having a signature “essence”. All my perfumes are unique, but have this quality of warmth and sensuality to them. So thats my signature, I guess.

Tom Ford’s line of private blends was my introduction into the world of artistic perfumery. For my high school graduation I was gifted the massive bottle of Tobacco Vanille and a love was born. For about a year this was my signature scent, I didn’t venture away at all. Owning anything from Tom Ford was so novel to me that nothing else could compare or capture my attention.

Of course, everyone gets bored at some point. After too many trips to Neimans to smell all the Tom Ford perfumes, I finally bit the bullet and put a gift card to part of Santal Blush. Out of all of my perfumes, this is the most sophisticated. It’s not grandma-ish like Chanel perfumes are, but it has that slight powdery aspect that combines with the warmth and soft florals into something very adult. The top notes are slightly oriental, the mid notes are smooth florals, and the base is full of creamy woods and musk. I adore it.

Bal D’afrique by Byredo is my most summery scent. I don’t usually rock with citrus (Light Blue is a hard pass), but, again, the warmth in this grounds it into something comfortable. I thought that this would be a scent I left behind in summer, but I find myself wearing it occasionally when I’m longing for warmer weather. The one downfall of this perfume is that the lasting power isn’t great.


I was introduced to Dedcool through Instagram after seeing rave reviews of these affordable ($69 each), vegan, and uni-sex perfumes. I own three of the full-sized bottles and have samples of the other two scents. 02, 04, and 03 are the full sized bottles that I own. I’m absolute shit at describing scents, despite loving them so much, but I’ll try. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite, because I honestly find that every single one of them is to my taste. 01 is a warm cozy amber and vanilla that’s brightened by a hint of bergamot. This scent is thick, comforting, sweet, but not saccharine. Sometimes when I have trouble sleeping I like to spray a more comforting perfume on me and this one honestly relaxes me right to bed.

02 and 04 are the two that I wear most–it’s no coincidence that they’re reminiscent of each other. 02 is sweeter and less green than 04, but they both have sandalwood and patchouli in them (two of my favorite scents). 02 also has the slightest hint of leather, which is another one of my favorite notes in perfume, and features a really nice musky base to balance the fruity top notes. 04 has a strong incense and patchouli dry down, but it starts off with a very smooth lemon. All together I find this scent the most intoxicating–I can’t stop smelling myself when I wear it. The experience of smelling it is genuinely addictive.

03 is the most traditionally feminine scent of the five, but it’s not overtly so. The notes that stand out the most on me here are the juniper berries, blonde woods (cashmere), and vetiver. It’s a very sexy and dark floral, none of that migraine inducing department store floral shit. 05 is the most traditionally masculine, and also the most green scent of the five. Similarly to 04, there’s incense and patchouli in here. But instead of grounding those notes in musk and wood, they’re bound to greener notes like moss, bergamot, and lavender. For me, this is definitely a summer scent.

Hair Favorites

Mermaid Perfume sent me all three of their shampoo scents a while back and I fell in love with scent N0. 1 (it was wet so I pictured N0. 3). The shampoo is sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free. They’re scented with essential oils and smell absolutely divine. No. 1 smells like coconut, soft orange blossom, and warmth. This is definitely on the more hydrating end of shampoos –I personally feel like I don’t need conditioner when I use this. It makes my hair really silky and I’ve been especially loving the beachy scent this winter.

Christophe Robin is a standout brand that I discovered in 2017 for hair. The line is blend of classic hair products and innovative, unique formulas. The Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt $53 is now one of my HG products. It exfoliates the scalp and hair to remove product build-up, dead skin, and oil. If you have extremely dry hair it might be too cleansing for you, but for my oily scalp it works wonders. If you use a ton of dry shampoo or other products on the scalp, have dry flakes, or just have an oily scalp I would definitely grab the mini size and try this out. A little goes such a long way that I don’t find the price to be too expensive. It’s an investment up front, for sure, but the tub will last forever.

Bumble and Bumble also sent me a really generous PR package this year, including their two new dry shampoos, when I posted that I enjoyed the original Prêt-à-Powder, but didn’t love every aspect of it. I’m so thankful for this because I found my new favorite dry shampoo, The Prêt-à-Powder Très Invisible. Unlike the original, this comes in an aerosol can which is much easier to apply, and is lighter, more velvety, and without the grit the original has. It also has zero white cast and doesn’t need to be worked into the hair as much. There’s a bit of a trade-off with volume, the original Prêt-à-Powder is much more volumizing. The new aerosol comes in two versions: Normal and Nourishing. If you have oily hair go for Normal, it will take your hair from feeling greasy to feeling like you just washed it. The Nourishing formula is still awesome, but I definitely prefer the Normal for my hair.

The last hair item I’ve loved this year is the VERB Ghost Hairspray which has to be the least crunchy hairspray I’ve ever tried. All my life I’ve had a lot of fly-aways due to breakage and baby hair, and they’ve always driven me insane, especially during winter when static electricity makes them go up in all directions. Hairspray has always turned me off because I hate the crunchy texture so many give and can’t stand the feeling of excessive product in my roots. This formula is weightless, brushable, non-crunchy, and leaves a nice shine on the hair. Coming from someone who hates hairspray with a passion, this is a really impressive product.

Shower Favorites

Every year I wait for Lush to bring back Rose Jam and every year I hoard bottles of it and die a little inside when I finish them and have to wait for the next holiday season. As you probably know, I’m not one for florals, and especially am not one for rose. I usually cant stand it, but this smells like joy and comfort in a bottle. Lush is having a BOGO right now and it’s taking everything in me not to get two more backups.

This Bass Shower Brush is something I use every single day in the shower to keep my skin exfoliated and clean. It makes a huge difference in the amount of ingrown hairs I get, and I love the way it invigorates my skin. I’m a huge fan of the Bass brand–their bamboo hairbrush is one of my favorites. This shower brush has a detachable long handle which makes it super useful for reaching all of my back. I much prefer exfoliating tools to products in the shower; unlike a scrub, this wont wash off before I finish the job, reaches all of my skin, and doesn’t run out (or need replacing often) if you care for it correctly.

A New Candle Brand

Boy Smells is the hottest new candle brand that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram. I first reviewed them in the post I did on my Black Friday haul. Initially, I was most impressed by Redwood, and I still love the scent, but the one I originally liked the least has now become my favorite. Kush, despite its more floral notes, is such an addictive smell. This one has the most projection out of the three that I own, and although I don’t get the cannabis note as much as I’d like, I still find myself lighting this one most often. They’re also quite an affordable candle (if we consider them luxury, which I do) at $29 each.

Introducing Fashion

My last favorite is actually a piece of jewelry. I said in 2018 that I plan to work more fashion into this blog, so why not start off small and end my 2017 favorites with a small accessory. The Hail Mary Necklace from 8 Other Reasons is actually a set of 4 delicate gold chain necklaces. I’m not actually religious, but I love a good coin necklace, so I guess I’m rocking Mary on my neck. #atheistsrepresent am I right? I actually quite enjoy the aesthetics of christian iconography. The set can be worn all together, as they’re each a different length, or on their own. I actually wasn’t expecting them to be separate, but I like them better this way.

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Alright loves, that wraps up my 2017 favorites (thank fuck, my hand is cramped). It’s been…a year. I’m hopeful for a better 2018. I can’t wait for you all to see what I have planned this year and again, I am beyond grateful to every single one of you who has read this little blog. It means the world to me <3


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