Brand Experience: ColourPop Cosmetics

In my very first Brand Experience post I’ll be talking about Colourpop Cosmetics. I still can’t understand why an LA-based company uses the Anglo Colour, but whateva.

Some things I love about the brand:

  • fair prices
  • shade selection is incredible
  • shipping is fast and affordable if you don’t want to spend $50 for free-shipping
  • on trend products constantly being released

Some things I dislike:

So those are my thoughts on the brand itself, now onto the products I’ve tried. I haven’t ventured into a lot of their products because they don’t accept returns except for damaged products in the mail. @Colourpop, this is some bullshit. If someone thinks your product is shit they should be able to get their money back. At least advertise this better on your website. I’ve tossed out plenty of their products that I thought were garbage and it put me off from their company for a long time. Combine this with the fact that a ton of beauty influencers are paid or encouraged to say only good things about the products, it can be really irritating to find out a product isn’t as good as everyone says and that you can’t get your money back. My solution is always to kick up a fuss. #staywoke to these beauty injustices!!                                                                                                                                          The Ultra Matte Lip is the product that launched Colourpop onto the scene at the height of the matte liquid lipstick craze. I bought two shades of this product initially along with the Wisp Supershock Highlighter. I’ve since trashed them both (the two shades, not the highlighter, it’s my baby). I understand that formulating a matte liquid lipstick that isn’t super drying, while still being long lasting and opaque is a difficult balance to strike. That said, these gave me the worst case of asshole lips you could possibly imagine. I find them to be a legitimately awful product and I was quite baffled by the fact that people seemed to enjoy them. Not only did I not like them on myself, I saw girls in real life that I know and love sporting similar looking bootyhole lips and claiming that they loved these products. Some people can’t be helped, I guess. Without this gorilla glue formula on my lips it was quite difficult to keep the roasts to myself. But I managed. I did once use one at a party to write to all the freshman girls how much of a creepy predator the male host was on his bathroom wall. He had a really hard time removing it, I heard. +1 point, Colourpop.

Super Shock Highlighter (L-R): Stole The Show, Lunch Money


The Super Shock Highlighters are the winners of Colourpop’s products offered, in my opinion. Side note, maybe it’s just me, but I really think Super Shock should be one word. The texture of these is really awesome. Wisp, which is my oldest, feels less creamy than my newer ones, so I’m not sure if they’ve changed the formula or if these dry out to a more powdery finish over time. My newer ones are seriously creamy and sit on the skin really well. Honestly, they’re almost too intense for daily wear, but it’s never been my personal style to rock the streak of shimmer all down my cheekbone look. Some people are into that, though, and will love these. I like to pat it in with my finger on the highest part of my cheekbone never moving past my pupil and then sheer it out with my finger or a brush depending on whether or not my base product is prone to moving. The amount of product you get is decent at 4.2g for $8, which is $1.90 per gram. Compared to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors, which are 8g for $38 ($4.75 per g), the Super Shock Highlighters are an excellent value. I own both products, and while Becca’s are of a higher quality, the discrepancy isn’t so much so that you must own the Becca instead.

The Supershock Pigments are something that excited me as someone who loves bright colors but isn’t very versed in wearing them on my face. I wanted a cheap introduction to practice and play around with. I have the shade Fantasy and I LOVE it. So pigmented and creamy. Definitely looking into these in the future.

(L-R): Super Shock Eyeshadow in Paradox & Super Shock Pigment in Fantasy




The Super Shock Shadows are hit or miss for me. The matte colors are no bueno, in my opinion. They’re too sheer and don’t really blend well. If you use a brush they go patchy and if you use your finger you’re liable to get them fucking everywhere. I’m talking lashline to browbone, and I have a huge amount of lid space. Not a very precise or pigmented product. The shimmery shades, though, are phenomenal, much like the Super Shock Highlighters. It’s basically the same formula just with colors–oh sorry, colours–in a wider array of shades. I own one particular shade, Paradox (pictured here) that is really amazing, but it also leaves a red stain on my skin even after makeup removal. I’ve never had that happen with an eyeshadow before, can anyone let me know if they’ve experienced something similar with Colourpop’s products?

Super Shock Pigment in Fantasy, Super Shock Shadow in Paradox, Super Shock Highlighters in Lunch Money and Stole The Show

The Lippie Pencil’s are something I was really really excited about. The idea of having an exact lipliner for every shade of lipstick is genius and something I am behind 30000%. I use lipliner for almost every lipstick I own that isn’t a MLBB shade. I hate when I can’t match it quite right and the shade of lipstick is affected by my liner choice. That said, the formula of these is too creamy to really work as a lipliner should. They should prevent bleeding and feathering, but instead I ended up with red streaks on my chin and smudges around my lips within minutes of applying. Bitchette is the perfect red color for my skin, which is hard for me to come by, so it sucks that the quality isn’t really there. I’ve taken to setting it all with translucent powder, but it doesn’t have that same sheen to it I was anticipating.

Lippie Stix in (L-R): Goldie, Lumiére, Bichette

Similarly, the Lippie Stix are hit or miss and it’s almost impossible to know which shades are duds unless you do some deep research. I have the shade Bitchette, as mentioned above, and I love the shade more than any red I’ve ever loved before, but like the liner, it went all over my face right after application while I was doing my brows. I don’t even remember brushing past my lips and it was all over everything. The problem with this shade is that it never sets and transfers like crazy. The shade Goldie is a more brick red that I also like, and the formula is phenomenal. It’s a wearable matte, has a little stick to it, doesn’t dry my lips out, goes on opaque, and doesn’t transfer. It’s basically a perfect product! It’s really sad to me that this isn’t the formula for all of them because if they all came out exactly like this I probably wouldn’t buy another brand of lipstick. #notalllippiestixarecreatedequal. Ok, that’s two hashtags in this post, I’m done I promise.

So those are all the products from Colourpop I’ve tried. I’m sorry this isn’t a more comprehensive overview of the brand. I know they offer a ton of products now, but I simply cannot bring myself to buy them with the knowledge of how hit or miss they can be. I’m super down with the shimmer Super Shock Formula, and have no hesitations about buying more of those at a later date. I’m put off by the other products. Sure they’re cheap, but it adds up to not be able to return all the duds in their line. I’ve tossed probably $40 worth of products from them. It’s a pretty standard practice in the beauty world to be able to return products you don’t like, even drugstores allow opened and used products to be returned. Get on board Colourpop!