Brand Experience: NARS

Today’s brand experience post is about one of my all time favorite brands, NARS. NARS is a french cosmetics brand that was founded by artist François Nars in 1994. Today, they are owned by Shiseido.

All of NARS’ makeup comes beautifully packaged in matte rubberized minimalistic packaging. For the most part, the packaging is very sturdy. There is a vast amount of products in different finishes and colors to suit everyone’s preferences. NARS is a brand that refuses to engage in gimicky products, instead they choose to maintain their high art vibe. Personally, I love that about this company. One of my favorite thing about NARS is that they stay true to their vision. Of course they listen to consumers, but they don’t compromise themselves for trends the way a lot of brands seem to. The focus of NARS isn’t to churn out new trendy products every month. They’re focused on creating quality products that will last you past the death of a trend. I’m also partial to the brand because I prefer single products rather than palettes for the most part, and they make sure to offer both options to consumers.


Preface: I love NARS because for a long time it was the only brand that carried light yellow-toned foundations. I believe NARS’ range of colors is phenomenal for light-medium skintones. They focus a lot on different undertones for the lightest of shades to the tan/caramel colors. However, as the shade range deepens to the darker side, the abundance of undertones and shades is highly lacking. This is unacceptable and unfortunately seems to be standard in the industry. It shouldn’t take brands like FENTY coming out to inspire others to catch up. They should be doing better because it’s the right thing to do.

Radiant Creamy Concealer $30–is one of my all time favorite concealers. It’s a classic for a reason. I use the shade Custard on my dark circles and it covers them better than any other wand concealer I’ve used. The concealer features a satin finish that stays in place well without powder, but when powdered it’s virtually crease-proof. The concealer contains tiny light reflecting particles which bring brightness and light to the under eye. I mix a lighter shade Chantilly with Custard for blemishes, and I use Chantilly on it’s own for highlighting when I do a full-on contour. It’s a versatile concealer that works for dark circles, highlighting, concealing blemishes, and concealing redness. 5/5

Soft Matte Complete Concealer $30–another amazing concealer from NARS, they really excel when it comes to skin. This concealer isn’t really matte, it’s a satin finish with no luminosity. It’s not flat though, it just looks like skin. It lasts on my face without setting, although I usually do. I’ve used it under the eyes and it’s maybe a little too dry for that, but it’s passable. This is best for redness, blemishes, and evening out discolored patches. 5/5

Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 $45–is one of my least favorite NARS products. Perhaps people with oilier skin would react better to it. Calling it a tint isn’t really appropriate, because it’s basically a foundation. I recently read that companies use the word tint instead of tinted moisturizer because they would have to provide proof that it moisturized if they branded it as such. Regardless, I don’t like the way this sits on my skin. I can very obviously see it, and it really highlights peach fuzz, texture, and dryness. I mix with Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation, which I find almost too glowy, and thankfully that works out really well for me. Whenever I’m disappointed by a product I’m stuck with, I always try to make it work by mixing with other products I own. A personal rating of 3/5, but I’m sure others might find it more enjoyable.

Sheer Glow Foundation $47–my all time favorite foundation for everyday wear (not pictured). I don’t currently own a bottle, because I have so many more products to work through, but it’s on my list to repurchase when I finish up three bottles of foundations I currently own. It’s solidly medium coverage with the most luminous, perfect skin-like finish. Oilier skin types will have to set it. It never highlights dryness on my face, evens my skin tone, makes me look alive and perfect. 5/5.

All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation $49–is another product I find I little bit lacking. First of all, it’s way too expensive. It’s also not weightless. The product is very watery and packs an intense amount of pigment for how little of the product you need at once. However, it never really sets on the face and I can definitely feel it. Powdering doesn’t seem to help the way it feels on the face. It highlights texture and dryness, although it does have a highly luminous finish. Not glowy, but luminous while being slightly matte. Oilier skin types might like this when it’s well set. It looks god awful over all the primers I’ve tried with it, but that could be user error. I’ll finish my bottle but will probably not repurchase. The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation is $6 and is a really similar dupe. 4/5

Color by NARS

Duo Eyeshadow $36–are some of my all time favorite eyeshadows. Pictured above are Isolde, a beautiful copper duo, and Hammamet a gorgeous matte medium pink/flesh color and a shimmery warm tan/pink color. I also own Kuala Lumpur and Alhambra. The shimmer shades are excellent, they’re creamy, don’t create a ton of fallout, and basically blend themselves. The mattes are wonderful as well, although often less pigmented and needing more blending. They don’t have a ton of kickback which is nice. I have owned a few of the individual’s in the past and have loved them just as much as the duos. 5/5.

Blush $30–another classic. Some of the most loved blushes on the market and in my collection. I’ve previously owned Orgasm, Sin, Deep Throat, and Madly. I loved them all and actually finished them, which is crazy rare for me. I currently own Oasis, which is a warm-toned mauve/pink color which is one of my top products for fall and winter to warm my skin up without bronzer. I also own miniatures of Goulue, Orgasm, and Deep Throat (which I think is more flattering than Orgasm). The formulas are very pigmented and come in shimmer and matte shades. Both formulas are long lasted and incredibly easy to blend on the face. Pictured above: Oasis, Mini Goulue. 5/5.

Liquid Blush $30–is kind of a meh product for me. I was really into it when I first got it, but over time have found liquid blushes with better formulas, which has contributed to my change in opinion of this product. I only purchased the shade Dolce Vita–a matte dusty rose, which is my all time favorite NARS lip color. The formula of this is very similar to the All Day Luminous Foundation–I’ve found it can highlight some textural issues. 3.5/5

Narcissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette II $59–is one of my favorite purchases in a long time. I will say that I think the quality of these blushes is a little bit less than the singles. The ones in here are a little less pigmented and don’t feel as soft. They’re still really good blushes. The colors are perfect for light-medium warm toned people. The value is excellent even though the blushes are a bit smaller than the singles. It’s hard to work through blush so I find a smaller size is quite nice.

Banc De Sable $49 (Limited Edition)(update: doing a giveaway of this product over on my instagram)–is a palette of perfectly good highlighters. I like them. They’re not as creamy as some of the others that I own. I prefer a creamier highlight when using powder. I think these were very hyped up, as NARS’ first powder highlighters. 4/5

Bronzing Powder $40–I’ve praised this product countless times. It’s my OG, HG, perfect bronzer. A forever repurchase for me. Perfect balance of brown and olive undertones. Matte. Long-lasting and blendable. Check out my full thoughts here! 5/5!



The Multiple $39–these are hit or miss, in my opinion. They’re a tad too dry, even initially, which can make it hard to blend out. I find that warming them on my hand and then using a synthetic brush to apply works best. That method does waste quite a bit of product and these aren’t cheap. One of my biggest gripes with NARS is their unrelenting efforts to shove glitter into some of their products. Nothing that’s going to be covering a large area of my face needs glitter in it. I will literally start a petition begging them to stop this. 3/5. Some, such as BLKR, are better.







Audacious Lipstick $34–some of the best lipsticks on the market. I posted my opinion about them on my instagram! They are creamy, opaque, long-lasting, and come in some of the most beautiful, rich shades I’ve ever seen. The reds and burgundies are too die for. 5/5.

Velvet Lip Liner $24–is ok. It works, it doesn’t feather. It’s a bit too creamy for me. I prefer a matte and almost tacky lipliner that won’t move an inch. I think there are better options, but these are nice enough. 4/5.

Matte Velvet Lip Pencil $27— The skinny on these is that they are fucking incredible. BUT THE GODDAMN CAP WILL NOT STAY ON. They’re also overpriced for how much product you get. And they require a special sized sharpener. I still love em’ though. I really do. Dolce Vita…my god. This shade is everything. I wore this almost every day for an entire month I love it so much. My go-to for nights out because I can just keep it in my back pocket. Pictured above are all that I own: Cruella, Damned, and Dolce Vita.

Satin Lip Pencil $27–issa no from me. Unlike their matte counterparts, these have a lasting time of about 2 whole minutes on the lips. The shades are wonderful but I cannot abide by a $27 product that doesn’t stay on. Pictured: Rikugien. 2/5

When I was writing this post, I was a bit shocked to see how many low ratings I was giving out. However, I think that some of these are personal issues. The products that I don’t fit me personally are the All Day Luminous Foundation, the Velvet Skin Tint, and the Liquid Blush. The product’s that are simply dud’s, in my opinion, are The Multiple (minus a few shades) and The Satin Lip Pencil.

Hope you all enjoyed this lengthy post! It took me almost two hours to write it all out and get everything perfected. What are your thoughts on NARS? Do you have any products I didn’t mention here that you absolutely love? Disagree with any of my thoughts? Let me know down below!

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