Comparatively | Moisturizing Masks

I am a firm believer in the phrase “moisture is the essence of beauty”. Maintaining proper moisture in my skin can be an uphill battle on the best of days, never mind the worst. I use all kinds of products in an effort to keep my skin hydrated and have been willing to shell out hella $$$ for the one’s with the most promise. However, I don’t think that will be necessary anymore, at least not when it comes to moisture masking.

Sisley-Paris Facial Mask with Linden Blossom $122 is an incredibly expensive face mask that I find to be worth the price. It soothes red skin, replenishes the moisture barrier, brightens, and quenches the skin. It’s a thick, creamy, texture (think whipped greek yogurt) that penetrates the skin deeply with its nutrients. I notice an immediate difference in my skin directly after use. Finishing this one up is going to hurt. That said, I think I have found a contender in terms of hydration and redness soothing that I get from this mask.

Bioderma Senisibo Mask $19.90 is less than 1/6 the price of the Sisley mask. It is equally hydrating and, something that is unusual in cheaper products, free of silicons. This imparts actual hydrators into the skin. Does it have the same brightening effect as the Sisley mask? No. Not really. It does however, calm redness just as well. This mask has allowed me to use less of my Sisley mask–which is undoubtedly my favorite of the two. I don’t feel guilty about slathering this on more than once a week. It’s also very good as a sleeping mask, which the Sisley mask is not. While the Sisley mask sits on top of the skin heavily, this one is lighter and more fluid, which helps the product itself sink into the skin. I gently wipe both of these off with a warm washcloth and will often leave a trace of them as a moisturizer for the skin.

Although the Sisley Mask will forever be an all-time favorite of mine, I have to give credit to Bioderma for their effective and well-priced products. Although I might not always have the Sisley mask on hand because of the price, I know I’ll always keep a bottle of the Bioderma in my cabinets.

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