Worth The Hype? | Creme De La Mer Tested

creme de la mer 1 ozCreme De La Mer–The Backstory

Today, Creme De La Mer is owned by Estee Lauder. They claim that Creme de la Mer was originally created by Dr. Max Huber, a scientist at NASA. The story goes that Dr. Huber’s skin was burned badly in an experiment gone wrong, so he set out to create a balm to restore it back to its original health. It apparently took him 6,000 experiments to come up with the formula. He was inspired by his love for the sea and noticed that sea kelp, one of the ingredients in what La Mer calls its “miracle broth”. The issue here is: there is absolutely no evidence that anyone named Max Huber, who allegedly worked for NASA, ever existed. The story Estee Lauder and La Mer tell is that Huber’s daughter sold the rights to Estee Lauder, yet there is no evidence either person existed. No obituary. No history of an accident in a NASA lab. Nothing. It’s an interesting, attention-catching story to tell, but I’m not sold on it being true. Ok. Conspiracy theories are done for now, onto the review.

Lets Talk Creme De La Mer’s Main “Miraculous” Ingredients

Seaweed Extract or as La Mer calls it miracle brothLa Mer claims that inside every tub of Creme de la Mer there is a tiny bit of the original miracle broth batch created by the totally-not-a-fake-person-despite-there-being-no-evidence-of-his-existence Dr. Huber. According to La Mer, this is part of the reason the product is so expensive. The problem here is that seaweed is just about one of the most abundant resources on earth. Oh also, there’s literally no evidence that seaweed cures burns, heals skin, or fills wrinkles.

Mineral Oil–There’s a lot of talk about how mineral oil is the devil for your skin because of its close relation to petroleum, but I’m not one of those people. I don’t think its an amazing ingredient, but I don’t think its harmful to the skin in the sense that you’ll get cancer the second it touches you. It does, however, have a high comedogenic rating, which means it will clog your pores.

Petrolatum–commonly known as petroleum jelly, is an occlusive that does not have a high comedogenic score. This is fine to use on skin, but it is an incredibly cheap ingredient.

Glycerin–a humectant (seals in moisture).

Lanolin–Some people are very sensitive to this. If you’re vegan you’ll also want to avoid this. Thick moisturizing agent. A fatty alcohol (fatty alcohol’s differ from the drying alcohol you might associate the word with).

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil–there is some evidence of anti-bacterial properties, but it is a known irritant to many people’s skin.

For the full list of ingredients click here! PSA: I don’t agree with this site’s stance on petroleum-based ingredients being the devil blah blah blah, I’m exclusively looking at the ingredient list.

creme de la mer textureThe Technique

When I first tried Creme de la Mer I did not like it at all. It was thick, hard to spread, and felt like it was suffocating my skin. People rave about how amazing it is for dry skin, but I didn’t feel like my skin was nourished. It just felt heavy and greasy. Turns out there is a technique to applying this cream. You’re supposed to grab a little bit of the cream and rub it between your palms until it’s gone clear and slippery. You’re then supposed to press it into the skin with your palms. I find it tedious to do this because it takes quite a while for the product to be warmed completely.

creme de la mer techniquePerformance

This is not a product to use every night. This cream is loaded with occlusives and heavy waxy agents. If your skin is easily congested you will definitely experience that with this. Many reviews that I have read say that they experience breakouts when using this product. As someone with congestion-prone skin, I definitely see where those people are coming from. This stuff clogs me up! Badly. But only when I use it consistently. It is really hydrating and soothing. After a few days of repeated use I get a lot of congestion. It’s also impossible to not notice the heavy artificial fragrance in this cream. I can still smell it on my face for an hour after I apply it.

The Truth About Creme de La Mer

The truth about Creme de La Mer is that it’s an incredibly cheap and basic moisturizer that’s marketed and hyped up as some sort of skincare miracle. All of the ingredients in Creme de la Mer are abundant and affordable. The actual cost of each jar isn’t known, but it’s in no way even close to the $85-$175 price tag. I’m being 100% serious when I say that Creme de la Mer might be the biggest skincare scam of all time. There are SO many other moisturizers out there that hydrate the skin the way La Mer does without containing fragrances and irritants like eucalyptus. In fact, my all time favorite cream for dry congestion-prone skin, Mario Badescu’s Ceramide Complex with N.M.F. & A.H.A. is $35. I briefly reviewed it here

My Rating Process:


  • Sturdiness  5/5
  • Functionality 5/5
  • Can I get all of the product out? 5/5

Value for Price:

  • Amount of product per price 3/5
  • Approximate CPW (cost per wear) 1/5


  • Does the product do what it claims? 3/5
  • How does it compare to competitors in the market? 1/5

Creme de La Mer’s Final Rating: 3/5 with packaging counting towards average. 2/5 without packaging counting towards average. That may seem harsh but I truly don’t believe this product is worth it in any way.


I hope you got something out of this post! I know this was kind of a bashing, but it’s a really expensive product and I don’t want my readers to waste their money. Never miss a post by following my Instagram//Pinterest//Twitter/Bloglovin