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Affiliate Links

There is nothing inherently wrong with affiliate links, but the use of them has dramatically shifted the blogging sphere in recent years. Affiliate links are one of the best ways for a blogger to make money. They’re unassuming, don’t clutter the blog up like ads do, and fit right into the text. They don’t cost the consumer anymore to use, but that doesn’t mean you wont end up spending. Blogs that overuse affiliate links are inherently there to push you to spend.  I don’t think affiliate links are the problem here, I think it’s the behavior associated with them. Content has shifted from what a blogger thinks is most interesting to what can make them the most clicks.

I do use affiliate links, but I do not, and will not, abuse them. Blogging isn’t my job, I’m not out to make thousands of dollars by pushing you to consume things. At most I’d just like to make back the money it takes to host this site, about $100 a year.

The Critical Babe Will Never:
  • Use an affiliate link for something I have not purchased with my own money.
  • Write a post for the sake of using affiliate links.
  • Recommend products I don’t believe in for the sake of using an affiliate link.
  • Hide any affiliate links or be anything less than transparent with my readers.
The Critical Babe Does:
  • Use affiliate links for products I use, love, and believe my readers will love.
  • Disclose all affiliate links.
  • Use an affiliate widget at the bottom of posts.
  • Includes a disclaimer above the widget informing the reader that I will gain a small commission from their clicks and purchases through my links.

Finally, I would like to thank any of my readers who chose to click my affiliate links or purchase through them. Affiliate links are a wonderful way to support your favorite bloggers as long as they aren’t being abused. Even if you don’t purchase, clicking the link gives a small commission usually of a few cents. As always, ignore them if you want!