Favorite Lipsticks for Fall

charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipsticks

Even though it’s now the end of October, it’s just beginning to turn cool. Global warming is real, y’all. I’m the kind of person who will wear whatever makeup colors I want all year round, but wearing dark matte lipsticks during fall does feel more right than wearing them during summer. So, to celebrate fall I’m teaming up with my girl @ohheythistoo to tell you our favorite lipsticks for fall! Check out her video here!

Luxury Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks $34 have an incredible formula. They’re a moisturizing matte finish, but they’re not flat. They feel like a satin on the lips, but have the appearance of a matte lip. The line also has some gorgeous shades, particularly the warm-toned nudes. Pictured below are two of my favorite shades, although I do own more from this line.

Bond Girl is the first shade from this line I purchased and is my favorite out of all of them. It’s an incredibly flattering medium brownish-pink that is so flattering on anyone a warm skintone. Bond Girl is a perfect intense “my lips but better shade”. Out of all of the Matte Revolution line, I think this one is the most moisturizing.

Glastonberry is a deep burgundy verging on purple. The wear time on this one is great and it leaves the most beautiful deep berry stain as it fades. If you have lip balm on make sure to fully wipe it off before you apply this shade because it can definitely get patchy if it’s not going directly onto your lip. charlotte tilburry matte revolution lipsticks

burberry lip velvet lipstick oxblood no. 437Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick $35 is a lipstick I coveted from the moment I first saw it in this video. The color is unlike any other I’ve used. Most oxblood colors are formulated with a berry undertone, where this one is a true red undertone. The formula isn’t matte, but it’s not creamy either. It sits comfortably on the lips and the wear time is around 3-5 hours without touch ups. Also look at that embossment on the lipstick, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 54 Boy $37 is the best copper pink balm to wear with a brown smokey eye. I’m almost out and I might just say fuck it and get a back up right now because I love the color so much. This is also great to layer over darker brown lipsticks right in the center for that extra pouty look. I’m on the hunt for a drugstore dupe because it’s so pricey, if you know one please let me know!

chanel coco rouge boy, wet n wild catsuit give me mocha

Affordable Lipsticks

Wet N Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick in Give Me Mocha $3.75 is one of my favorite lipsticks I’ve purchased this year. Liquid lipsticks are really hit or miss for me because my lips can get dry easily just like my skin. The one draw back to this formula is that it even when it’s fully set it still feels the tiniest bit tacky. That doesn’t mean that it will budge–this stuff stays PUT–it just sticks a little bit when you rub your lips against one another. I’ve heard that the lighter shades can be patchy so watch out for that. I’ve only tried this shade but its a great dusty pink with a hint of brown to it.

maybelline sensational lipstick nude nuance, toasted truffle, divine wine

Sensational Lipsticks ~$5 

Nude Nuance is the newest shade to my collection of these lipsticks and I’m obsessed. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and moved from pinkish browns to full on brown lips this fall and I’m loving it. If you have warm-toned skin browns will be so flattering. Nude Nuance is a great, toned-down introduction into brown lipsticks because it’s not too dark.

Toasted Truffle was a super hyped up shade last fall and I’ve found myself reaching for again this fall because it’s still so in style. This shade’s formula is a tiny bit more dry than the other shades, but it’s not uncomfortable in the least. Toasted Truffle is a deep dusky pinkish brown (are you seeing a trend here?) that is super flattering.

Divine Wine is a deep red with a berry undertone. I feel so clownish with red lipstick on, but this particular shade has enough depth that I don’t feel like the lipstick is wearing me. I really recommend this shade to anyone trying to get into dark/deep reds, burgundies, and oxbloods.

That’s all for this post! Let me know what shade’s you’re loving this fall and make sure to check out my girl @ohheythistoo’s post about her favorite fall lipsticks. For more fall themed posts check out What’s In My Shower This Fall.

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