This or That: Glossier Haloscope versus RMS Living Luminizer

Glossier Haloscope Highlighter and RMS Living Luminizer HighlighterHighlighter is an absolute essential for me. It brings life back to the face and creates dimension with little to no effort. For my day to day makeup, I prefer a less intense look than many popular products on the market right now give. There’s nothing wrong with the glazed-doughnut look, but sometime’s I want to look like I’m not trying (even though I’m trying really hard).

If you follow my Pinterest, you’ll see that I take a lot of my inspiration from the runway and editorial looks. I’m a big fan of toning down the fun, bright aspect of that makeup and translating it into everyday wear. One of the trend’s I’ve been loving is the glossy highlighted look. It’s elegant, fun, and natural all at once.

glossier haloscope highlighter in quartz













Glossier’s Haloscope $22–is one of the most hyped-up products in recent times. This highlighter is described by Glossier as a mix of skincare and makeup. It features a moisturizing center made up of coconut (uh-oh) oil, castor seed oil, and sweet almond oil. The highlighting portion is the outer ring, which Glossier says is made up of real crushed crystals. Ok then.

This definitely gives the glossy look and with that you do suffer a some tackiness on the skin. That’s inevitable with glossy looks. Glossier advises you to use the stick directly on the face, but I think it drags and moves makeup underneath when used directly on the face. If you’re not wearing a base underneath you’ll be golden, but if you are wearing foundation try warming it on your hands and gently patting into place.

glossier haloscope highlighter quartz swatch unblended

Haloscope in Quartz Unblended

glossier haloscope highlighter quartz blended

Haloscope in Quartz Blended











As someone with light skin and warm yellow undertones, the shade’s offered aren’t ideal. Both the lighter shades Moonstone and Quartz–which I own–feature cool undertones. The shade Topaz has a warm golden undertone, but is too dark for my skin. I wish they would introduce a white gold shade. One other thing to mention is that this doesn’t have the best staying power; products that don’t set are prone to transferring. For long-wearing everyday makeup I would skip this product. Overall I give it a 4/5. Good for the glossy look, not so great for everyday.

RMS Living Luminizer

RMS Living Luminizer Swatch

RMS Living Luminizer Swatch


The RMS Living Luminizer is the OG of glossy highlighters. I’ve mentioned my love for RMS before in my post on my favorite natural beauty products, but this highlighter is a product of theirs I’ve gone back and forth on. It features the same moisturizing ingredients that are in the Glossier Haloscope–castor oil, and coconut oil. It also contains beeswax and rosemary leaf extract. Castor seed oil and coconut oil are both comedogenic. Unlike the Haloscope, the shimmer properties of this highlighter are completely mixed in with the moisturizing properties. I will say that I prefer this product to the Glossier HaloscopeIt doesn’t disturb the makeup underneath as much as the Haloscope does, and it spreads onto the skin without the tug the Haloscope’s can have. The pigment in this product is very sheer and it creates the effect of very moisturized skin. It’s less about pigment and more about catching the light on the skin with this highlighter. My rating for this product is a 4.5/5.

Glossier Haloscope and RMS Living Luminizer


Glossier’s Haloscope and RMS’s Living Luminizer are both wonderful options for creating a glossy, glowing look to the both wonderful options for creating a glossy, glowing look to the skin. I prefer the Living Luminizer just an edge over the Haloscope, but both products achieve their desired look. As someone who abides by Glossier’s catch phrase “Skincare first, makeup second” I would recommend patch testing your skin with castor oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil before buying these. Many people get congestion from these ingredients so make sure you know your skin and what ingredients it tolerates.

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