My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.

2017 Makeup Favorites

My experience with makeup this year hasn’t been all that exciting, I’m sad to say. For the better part of the year, I didn’t purchase much at all; I mainly focused on using up what I already owned. Around October, I want to say, is when makeup launches started to excite me again. My period of using up what I already owned was partly intentional, but also due to the fact that I found most brand’s launches this year uninspiring, repetitive, bland, or gimmicky. As you’ll see in this post, none of these products are from launches this year. They’re all products that have stood the test of time and proven themselves as staples in my collection. There’s a few products I’ve mentioned on my Instagram and in other blog posts that I would consider favorites that won’t be featured in this post. Mainly because I don’t want this post to be 1000 years long and some of those products are fairly new to me and I’d like to test drive them longer before giving a definitive review.

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.

A Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Love Affair

2017 was the year I fell head over heels for Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I’ve yet to find a more flattering shade range for people with yellow/olive undertones. Her nudes don’t make me look like death. Many of the shades feature a brown/terra-cotta undertone that flatters my skintone in a way that I’ve struggled to find elsewhere. The three shades that I’ve worn non-stop this past year are the Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Bond Girl and Very Victoria $34 each. Both of these shades can be quite hard to find, but Violet Grey usually has them in stock. Bond Girl is the most beautiful copper-toned red/pink color with a hint of brown. I’ve never found a shade that comes close to how unique this is (or how sexy I feel wearing it). Very Victoria is inspired by the absurdly hot Victoria Beckham. I’ve always described this shade as the brown MLBB. Basically, if you’re scared of the intensity of wearing a brown lipstick, try this out first. You’ll still look alive when you wear this.

The third shade I’ve worn non-stop is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Stoned Rose $34. Surprise surprise, it’s yet another pinky-brown shade. Shocking, I know. This is the more satin formula, which is I find really great to have around during the winter. Not that the Matte Revolution lipsticks are drying–they’re actually the most comfortable matte I’ve yet to find. I just prefer to have a semi-hydrating lip color around for days when my lips are suffering from the effects of winter.

Cheeky Lil Favorites

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.

Marc Jacob Beauty is a brand that I have been continuously impressed by. Every product I’ve tried has been a winner, and the packaging is as close to my ideal of perfect that I’ve ever seen. I first mentioned my love for the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter $44 in my A Few Favorite Things post. The color is a beautiful rose gold with a yellow gold shift, but the reason this is so incredible is the texture and effect it gives. The formula itself is a gel to powder that spreads and blends with ease (and it doesn’t move any product underneath). The most impressive aspect of this product is that despite drying to a powder finish, the highlight still looks wet. Due to the yellow gold shift, the eye is tricked into seeing a wet, dewy effect in motion. If you’re like me, you love the look of a wet highlight, but can’t stand the feeling of gel on your face. These are the best solution I’ve yet to find.

The second product from Charlotte Tilbury that I’ve fallen for this year is the Filmstar Bronze and Blush Glow $75. In one of my very first posts I listed the original Filmstar Bronze and Glow as a huge disappointment to me. I loved the bronzer side immensely, but hated the chalky and dull highlighting side. I’m still desperate for her to bring out the bronzer as a single pan item (at a cheaper cost too) because $75 is a fuckton of money for one side of the product to be completely shit. That said, I actually enjoy the blush in this version quite a bit. The formula is insanely pigmented and the smallest tap is enough for both of my cheeks. I don’t see myself running out of it ever. The bronze side is still amazing–it’s similar to Hula in tone, but is a tad lighter and blends better on the skin.

Indispensable Bits

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.
Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Pepper $26 is the fourth lipstick that I’ve fallen for in 2017. It’s a dusty rose, of course, but much darker than most with an almost-plum like undertone. Again, this is the kind of formula I particularly love to have around during winter while my lips are dying. There’s nothing especially remarkable about this shade for me to ramble on about, I just really love it.

L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara $9 will most likely be on the majority of 2017 favorites you read this year. I’ve fallen head over heels for the fluffy, thick, voluminous look this gives my lashes. A lot of people have compared it to Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, but I think it’s better. It doesn’t flake, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and gives a thicker, fluffier lash than Better Than Sex. I will say, the one con of this mascara is how much product comes out on the wand–I have to do a lot of scraping and the tube can get quite congested around the opening as the excess product dries out. Just be cautious of this issue and keep that area clean as you use it.

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.

Fun fact: I feel naked without a bright inner corner highlight (when I’m wearing makeup). My eyes are my best feature, so emphasizing and enhancing them in any way that I can is a must. I used to be all about Stila’s Kitten Eyeshadow, but it eventually broke because the formula is so soft. The Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in Volver 402 $28 is basically Kitten in stick form. I was skeptical of using a cream eyeshadow because of their tendency to wear off and crease, but these don’t do that. In fact, they’re almost a cream-to-powder, but they maintain their incredibly metallic finish on the eyes, similarly to the Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops.

THE Palette

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.
Zoeva’s eyeshadows are criminally underrated in the States. I never see any hype for them, meanwhile this palette–the Cocoa Blend $21 is the first to blow me away since Modern Renaissance. I’m actually more of a singles gal, overall, because I hate having shades that won’t get used. This is one of the only palettes I’ve seen where I would actually use every single shade constantly. The metallics are some of the best I’ve found–they’re absurdly shiny, creamy, and long wearing. The mattes are a dream to blend and they don’t go patchy when sheered out.

HG Status

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.

Bobbi Brown Blush in Tawny $30 is the exact shade that I turn from a week at the beach. If you’re olive or a warm undertoned yellow, there is no better blush to replicate the look of sun-kissed cheeks. I’ve been focussing this right above the hallows of my cheekbones and buffing the edges out onto my apples lately and I love the effect. It warms up my contour and creates dimension without looking overdone. During summer I blend directly on the apples and connect them via the bridge of my nose for a more sun-kissed effect. This is one of those blushes that is so transformative, yet seems like it was made for my coloring. It’s perfect. 

The Ordinary Serum Foundation $6.70 is a product I did not expect to fall in love with. I’ll admit to being a foundation snob. It is what it is. I’ve tried almost every drugstore foundation that people rave about and have never found a color match or a formula I loved more than a mid-range foundation. Enter Deciem–shoutout to them for actually paying attention to undertone. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a brand focused on skin. Not to be a pale princess, but it is difficult to find lighter yellow foundations in lower price brackets. So, not only have I found my exact shade, I also love the formula of this foundation. It checks every single one of my boxes: lightweight, buildable medium coverage, doesn’t cling to dry patches, and has a satin, skin-like finish.

My makeup favorites of 2017 are all products that have stood the test of time and become true classics in my collection.
The last product to make it into this year’s favorites is actually a rediscovery for me. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance $38 is something I used in high school before I was even really into makeup. The SA at Sephora convinced me to get it when I was purchasing yet another tube of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (another HG). I particularly love the combination of this and the Serum Foundation by The Ordinary. I found a half empty bottle of this deep in my drawers, and after a good sniff decided it was fine to keep using. I’m so grateful I did. I wasn’t educated enough in makeup when I first owned this to really appreciate how good it is–or maybe my previously perfect skin (rip) didn’t need as much help back then. All I know is that pairing this under the Serum Foundation gives me the most perfect, lit from within, natural looking skin. The other day, someone told me my skin is perfect, so you can assume that I will be buying a lifetime supply of these two items. Yay for tricking people with shiny goop!

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I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who reads this blog! It’s been such a bright spot this year to finally discover a creative outlet that works for me. It’s such a bonus that all of you are so lovely and active within this wonderful little community. In 2018 a big goal of mine is to engage with you all so much more.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays! Next up is my 2017 assorted favorites because I can’t think of a name that encompasses everything I’ll be featuring. Make sure to check out my Skincare Favorites of 2017 while you’re at it!


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