Photoshop Actions | Volume I

Photoshop actions for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and lifestyle bloggersPhotoshop Actions–Why You Need Them

Photoshop actions are one of photoshop’s most powerful tools for editing photos. They drastically improve workflow and keep you from forgetting the steps you took to get your image a certain way. If you aren’t using them, you’re missing out. However, not all photoshop actions are created equally. For years I tried to find free actions, but they were all low quality and never right for the look I wanted. Even when I purchase actions I find that most often, the action only really works on one type of image. Today, I’m releasing my first set of actions–Vol. I. These are the first of many.

Vol. I

Photoshop actions for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and lifestyle bloggersCreamy Warm Light is the center piece of the collection. This gives images the most beautiful, creamy glow without compromising clarity. Also wow, that lowercase O on “opacity” under Creamy Warm Light is going to kill me.

Creamy Neutral–is the foil to Creamy Warm Light. This gives pictures a semi-desaturated finish. It pairs beautifully with Enhance for a bright neutral look.

Enhance–this is the image quality booster of the volume. It adds brightness, gently sharpens, boosts contrast, and makes colors pop with the click of a button.

Photoshop actions for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers

Warmth Booster–a gentle warming filter that can be layered until desired warmth is achieved.

No Yellows--ever notice a yellow cast on your images when you wanted them to be bright white? This booster decreases the yellows in your image so you can achieve that clean minimalist look. Layer it up or lower the opacity, it’s up to you! Does its best work on images with a white/light background.

Sharpen–a gentle sharpening to boost clarity. This action is the only one that flattens directly into your image. Note: enhance has sharpening properties and images using that action may not need this.

Vol. I–Creative Process

When I was planning this first volume out, it was important to me to make something cohesive. As you can tell, there’s no wild over-saturation or drastic color manipulation in this set. I wanted to create something that focused on what we all want, which is bright clean images. Photoshop actions that are tailored to bloggers are hard to come by, but I want to change that. Of course we should all hope to better our own editing and photography skills, but there’s no shame in making life easier for ourselves. It’s my hope that these Photoshop actions will make it accessible to produce quality images.

How They Work

When you check out and your payment clears, you’ll receive an email with a zipfile attachment. This attachment is the actions which will be titled “”. Once you unzip the file, you’ll see the actions file and a .txt file that has instructions for how to install the actions and some tips for how to get the best use out of them.

This may sound super nerdy, but something I’m very passionate about is non-destructive editing. I cannot even begin to tell you how annoying it is to use an action that bakes a million layers down onto your original image. If you make a mistake or want to change something it can be hell trying to locate the exact layer causing your trouble.

These actions, and all of the actions I’ll be putting out use groups or convert the layers into a smart object that sits above the original image. You can always go in and edit the opacity or levels if you want to tweak something. I want these actions to inspire you all to be creative. They’re not meant to be static or one-size fits all. No one set of procedures will be the perfect fit for all images. They can be layered, adjusted, and tweaked endlessly to help you achieve exactly what’s in your mind.

I’ve also been carefully considering pricing options here. I’ve spent years creating actions, and days curating and editing this set. I also know that the actions on the market right now for this kind of aesthetic are wildly overpriced. I paid $60 for a kit of actions when I was just starting out. They are still some of the best quality actions I’ve used (besides my own of course lol) but I won’t be charging crazy amounts like that. After looking up average prices for a set like this, I’ve decided to price Vol. I at $12 (5% off if you’re on my photography series mailing list)! If I decide to expand on this set and you’ve previously purchased it, I’ll be creating “boosters” where you can purchase just the add-ons.

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