TESTED: Pat McGrath LABS LiquiLUST 007

Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST Kit in 007 is the perfect set of 90's supermodel chic liquid lipsticks.

Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST 007

I did a thing. That thing was get my hands on Pat McGrath’s LiquiLUST 007 Kit $75. I have LIVED for Pat McGrath’s work for years. Her announcement that she was starting a brand was the most excited I’ve been by anything in the beauty world, maybe ever. If there’s anyone I trust to have innovative products meant to inspire creativity, it’s Pat. If you follow me on any social channel or read this blog, you’ll now that I’m not a fan of the Instagram style makeup. Obviously it takes skill, and I don’t discredit that skill. But, I don’t think it takes creativity. It’s repetitive, uninspired, and tired (and not all that flattering, honestly). That’s just my opinion. While I’m sure Pat McGrath’s brand is well loved by people practicing that style of makeup, I think the makeup itself is tailored for artistry. The kind of artistry Pat McGrath puts out is always fresh, innovative, and daring.

Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST Kit in 007 is the perfect set of 90's supermodel chic liquid lipsticks.

LiquiLUST 007 Skin Show Kit | What You Get
Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST Kit in 007 is the perfect set of 90's supermodel chic liquid lipsticks.

Top to Bottom: Slay-OMI, Possessed, & Divine Nude. They photographed quite warmly here, but are much more neutral in person.

The 007 kit is all about sultry nudes that “arouse amoral lip artistry.” Whatever that means. It comes with three shades of liquid lipstick in Divine Nude, Possessed, and Slay-OMI (it took me way too long to realize this is a Naomi Campbell reference). The Naomi Campbell reference makes sense, though, because these shades are very 90’s supermodel. The kit also includes the Clear Vinyl Gloss and a Crystalline Micro-Fine Glitter Pigment in Gold 007.

  • Divine Nude is a cool toned mauve/pink, with an almost grey/white base. I never wear cool tones and didn’t think this would look good on me, but I actually find it quite flattering. There’s just something about the shade that helps it escape that sort of death look that grey based lipsticks can have.
  • Possessed is your standard rose shade, but similarly to Divine Nude, it lacks brightness. This is the most “everyday” shade of the kit. I have to say, I’m really enjoying how neutral the undertone of this shade is. It will perfectly compliment a cool or warm-toned look.
  • Slay-OMI is the shade I was most drawn to. In the tube its a rich warm brown with the slightest berry hint. On the lips it dries much darker than in the tube. This is the only shade where the dry down was significantly different from the appearance in the tube. On my lips this is a very deep brown and the berry doesn’t really come through. Slay-Omi is still my favorite shade, but I’m a bit let down that it doesn’t mimic the color in the tube.
  • Clear Vinyl Gloss–I don’t have too much to say about this other than I’m glad it’s in the kit. Matte lips are super in right now, but if you’re really going for that 90’s supermodel look, which these shades are perfect for, gloss is a necessity. I haven’t worn gloss since I was 13, but I’m loving the way this looks. In fact, I think this is actually the only lip gloss I own.
  • Crystalline Micro-Fine Glitter Pigment in Gold 007 is described as a champagne gold in the product description. I have to say, this is the only product in the kit that doesn’t really make sense to me conceptually. The vibe of this kit is neutral, muted tones, and I find the glitter to actually be quite a strong yellow-gold. I think a glitter that is actually champagne-toned, or even silver-leaning would compliment the kit more cohesively. Calling this a pigment is a bit of a stretch–it’s an incredibly fine glitter, but it spreads out. It would take you a decade of layering to build up any kind of pigment. I still enjoy the product, but I’ll probably use it for other purposes.

Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST Kit in 007 is the perfect set of 90's supermodel chic liquid lipsticks.

The Formula

I’ve seen a lot of hype surrounding this formula, people saying it’s the best liquid lipstick they’ve ever used. Personally, I don’t think the formula itself is anything revolutionary. The LiquiLust formula isn’t as drying as, say, Colourpop, but it’s also not as creamy and I hoped it would be based on the description. I know in my soul its possible for a matte liquid lipstick to be more comfortable than this. I think the problem is the emphasis on long-wearing products. Yes, of course I love a long-wearing lipstick, but I’d rather reapply than dry my lips out or get the dreaded crumblies. I’m willing to sacrifice wear-time for comfort, especially in the winter. That said, these do wear perfectly for 5-6 hours and can make it to around 8 if you’re careful.

Final Thoughts

Pat McGrath is legend and her makeup line is a welcome breath of fresh air in the industry. She knows exactly what kind of formulas and products people who love makeup want. For 20 years she was the consumer and it shows. The high-art influence is obvious in her line, each release is treated like an exhibition. There’s a concept, the advertisements stand alone as works of art, and the products deliver. I’m a huge fan and I’ll pay whatever she wants if the products stay at this caliber. I’m fairly certain this is going to sell out soon, so if you’re interested grab it now!

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