The Critical Babe’s Wishlist

Why Have a Wishlist?

Instead of impulse purchasing everything that catches my eye, I like to have a wishlist where I track the things that are intriguing me and identify the impact of purchasing that product. This page will be constantly updated and is meant to be viewed in conjunction with my cabinet. This page will show you items that I’m interested in and the reasoning behind whether or not I chose to purchase one of these items to replace something in my cabinet. This is a great way for you all to see the reasoning behind my latest purchases that will most likely be featured on the blog, and for you to discover some new products that you might be interested in!

The Wishlist

NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device $159–I’ve seen this popping up a lot lately! I’ve always been kind of iffy on at home facial devices. But, after trying out Foreo and loving it, my stance has changed from “never going to buy it” to “I hate that I’m considering this”. NuFace uses electric currents via massaging steel balls to de-puff and tighten skin. I get a ton of water retention in my face and I’m very intrigued by the claims that this can dissipate that with a 20 minute session.

J. Hannah Nailpolish $23–If you haven’t seen these all over Instagram you’re probably not on Instagram. They’re really popular right now and people rave about them. While $23 is a lot to spend on a nail polish, I don’t actually own too many shades and I finish my bottles regularly. The nude shades are calling to me.

A Gold E Roxanne Studded Skinny Jeans $188–A Gold E might be my favorite denim brand of all time. I own the Riley High Rise Straight Crop and they’re the perfect fit. All of their jeans are made from 98% denim and are sturdy enough to last years. I’m forever in black skinny jeans and the studs on these are a nice detail.

Matisse Ring by Wolf Circus $108–is a really awesome spin on a signet style ring (which happen to be my favorite). I love Matisse, I love signet rings, and I love art inspired jewelry. Suffice to say, I NEED IT.

Serge Lutens Parfums Chergui Eau De Parfum $150–I have no problems admitting I’m addicted to perfumes–or anything that smells good, really. Warm and spicy scents appeal to me the most. Chergui is a blend of Sandalwood, Incense, Honey, and Tobacco. It’s got the slightest sweetness to it, but not in a conventional way.

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